More Details

To learn more in-depth information about the Gwinnett Transit Plan that will be funded through a new local transit sales tax if the referendum on November 3rd passes, visit the interactive map.

On the interactive map, use the tabs at the top of the page to navigate through the site. You can find the following information on the interactive map:

Interactive Map

  • Use the interactive map to review the Gwinnett Transit Plan in greater detail

Types of Transit Service

  • Learn more about the plans for high-capacity transit (such as rail, BRT, and ART), commuter-focused service, local service, and other system improvements included in the Gwinnett Transit Plan


  • See what services are coming to specific areas of the county as well as information on the plan’s expanded paratransit coverage

Plan Phases and Impacts

  • Understand the Gwinnett Transit Plan’s three phases and the anticipated impacts for each phase

Plan History

  • Read about the previous plans and studies as well as community involvement that led to the Gwinnett Transit Plan